About Me

I live in Sydney, Australia with my young family and a maniacal cavoodle. In 2018 I achieved a lifelong dream, when my debut novel ‘The Sheriff’s Catch’ was published in the UK. Sheriff is a tense, grim thriller set in 16th century Europe, and climbed to #3 on the bestseller list in my native Malta. My debut was also the recipient of a few international literary awards and nominations. When not writing, I enjoy reading gritty thrillers filled with moral dilemmas and a real sense of danger.


“A fine debut which tackles a relatively unknown chapter of history” – The Times Of Malta

“This well-plotted story full of adventure, danger and history is wonderfully told, and Abel is a character not soon forgotten” – The US Review Of Books

“A feverishly-paced historical adventure populated with memorable characters. A Finalist and highly recommended” – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“Such an enthralling and moving journey” – The Pigeonhole

“Vella-Bardon knows how to create a truly vile villain” – Reviews By Jules

“I cannot even begin to tell you how graphic and vivid and brilliant the descriptions were throughout” – Stories And Plot Twists

“Gore, guts, gloom and glory. Welcome to the world of James Vella-Bardon” – Liam Carroll, author of ‘Slippery

“The energy of the author’s prose keeps things moving along at a blistering pace” – Maximilian Hawker, author of ‘Breaking The Foals

“This book is a three-way cross between Ken Follett’s Kingsbridge series, Game Of Thrones and the Bourne series” – Jeanette Heidenberg, Goodreads reviewer

“If you liked Outlanders you’ll love this book” – Jayne Parker, Goodreads reviewer